About US

SWCC provides customized trainings, consulting, and professional development services related to mental health and social issues to students, companies, social workers,  counselors, and mental health workers. Owner and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Jessica Gurley has over a decade of mental health experience. Jessica remains dedicated to helping companies educate their employees on mental health issues, and helping individuals meet their professional, personal, and therapeutic goals.

What sets Jessica apart from other social workers is her diverse work experiences. Jessica has had notable positive experiences working with children, teens, adults, older adults, and Veterans dealing with mild to severe mental illnesses, addiction, and intellectual disabilities. Jessica has worked for some of Pittsburgh’s most respected non-profit organizations. She has experience presenting to diverse audiences like professional social workers, Veteran Affairs (VA) staff, nurses, and legal and county representatives. Jessica always communicates in a way that is culturally sensitive, and she is confident when presenting to expert professionals, and skilled at including new professionals. 


Clinical Therapy Services

SWCC currently provides both in-person and telehealth therapy sessions for individual’s, groups, and couples. SWCC accepts insured clients and private pay clients. Jessica is the main clinician, and is credentialed with UPMC, Highmark, and BCBS. If you don’t see that we accept your insurance, or if you need help with paying for therapy services or your copay, don’t worry? In June 2020 SWCC collaborated with several organizations to help those who need financial assistance to participate in therapy, or want therapy sessions with a particular provider who was not able to get credentialed with a particular insurance company.  Our partners are committed to help pay for the full amount of therapy session or copay for a limited time only. Therefore, do not wait until it’s too late. Clients are required to provide insurance and complete all paperwork regardless of payment type to make sure we remain complaint with all PA laws related to mental health. Contact us today at 412-204-6934 to see if we have any openings. You can also email us info@swcchelp.com.  

(Touch-less temperature checks and mask are required for all in-person visits starting July 2020 due to COVID-19. Therapist and client will remain at least 6 feet apart during sessions. Client and therapist will both practice hand-washing or other hand hygiene methods before each visit) 

Organizational Consulting / Trainings

SWCC also is skilled at developing  and facilitating customized trainings for companies on subjects related to Social Work, Mental Health, and Veterans. Whether your employees need education on particular subjects, resources, or information to develop a new program, give us a call so we can assess how we can help you or lead you.


According to our workshop evaluations, SWCC’s Social Work Navigation Workshop has been an enlightening experience for social service professionals in all different stages of their career. SWCC has developed workshops to empower social workers, counselors and mental health workers with the knowledge to navigate the Social Work field in a more prepared and efficient manner.  Please see our events tab for dates, times, and flyer.

Life Coaching 

SWCC offers discreet and confidential traveling life coaching services to individuals in their homes or public spaces of the individuals chose. Services include client centered and client driven therapeutic interventions that are evidence based. In a nutshell, your goal is our goal. Give us a call at 412-204-6934 or email us at SWCC.HELP@gmail.com to set up a consultation.


SWCC is authorized to provide supervision to social workers and professional counselors. If you or group is seeking supervision hours, call or email.



 “Therapy has been a refuge and a beautiful reflection of things I think about and want to express; especially with someone that looks like me. It has helped me be fearless on my journey towards healing my childhood trauma! I now understand the power of therapy. I feel so much of my future will be better than my past.” 

                                                                                                      -Therapy Client 

“Ms. Randolph not only has expertise in the field of mental health treatment and crisis intervention, but her clinical application of this knowledge and ability to educate and lead others is also exceptional.  She also has an extensive knowledge of available programs and practices available to support mental health recovery.”


“Wow I didn’t even know you can be a psychiatric social worker. I wish I would have had this information sooner. It would have saved me a lot of money and made me a lot of money early in my career. lol thank you”


“Jessica is a natural advocate, providing support, encouragement and constantly helping others by challenging stigma and shifting people’s perceptions of mental illness and substance use disorders. Jessica  values each unique individual, their experiences and demonstrates empathy and respect. Jessica is attentive to the needs of others.”


“I had no idea this was even an area of social work. I think it’s awesome that social workers are literally everywhere!” 


“Every topic was very helpful, but I really enjoyed learning all the jobs that are in Social Work, and what you can do with your degree.”


“Jessica is able to effectively communicate with diverse populations and facilitate learning. She is well-versed in many areas of mental health and the social work practice. Jessica has a strong ethical commitment towards people with mental illness and substance use disorders.”